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Data Recovery I.A.E.A the first certified professional data recovery company in Nigeria and West Africa by the Salvation Data Technology in China. We offer total Information and Communication Technology solutions to Individuals, Corporate bodies, Institutions and Government, with our years of experience, we have been launched to the pedestal of the very best in the field of Total ICT (DATA RECOVERY) Solutions in the world. Our vast experiences and clients base prove our track record.

I.A.E.A Data Recovery Company Nigeria, Ghana,Republic of Benin ,China Office can recover  your deleted, corrupt, missing, or inaccessible data securely. With our highly qualified Data Recovery Experts, we easily recover data from broken RAIDS, Storage Area Network(SAN) Drives, Network Attached Storage(NAS) Drives, also we help you with recoveries from different Operating Systems which includes Windows FAT, NTFS; Linux ext2, ext3; Mac OS HFS+; Novel NSS, NWFS and NTFS, FAT , we will provide you with unparalleled Data  recovery Services.

In this digitized age, we provide todays businesses that are willing to operate at a global level with advanced Information and Communication Technology carried out with utmost professionalism and the most cost effective approach.

It is our mandate to offer our clients different options and guide them in choosing the best Technology and Systems that will deliver the desired results. We achieve this by proficiently guiding our customers from conception through implementation and sustenance of their digital strategies while also developing effective solutions for their businesses current and future operational needs. It is for these reasons that a growing number of private organizations and government agencies are turning to us as their solutions provider.

In our attempt to provide data recovery services to the world, we have embarked on corporate mission to spread our business tentacles to other West African Countries with the aim of bringing a world of relief.



I.A.E.A is the Best and First Certified Data Recovery Company in West Africa with  Experience since (1995) in Field.


Quick steps to send us a Drive.


Download the pdf File Below this Article

  • Fill the Physical Request form Appropriately
  • Sign as Required (Read the Terms and Conditions)
  • Include it with Storage device you are sending to us
  • The last page you printed contains the Name & shipping info of the person that will be in care the storage device you sent .