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“God let it not be true! A silent prayer I.T guys always pray at the inception of a problem.
There are moments all I.T. guys dread! Like your Application Server refusing to boot at end of month; Disk failures and so many other issues that may initially seem minor but gradually graduate to a major one. Couple this to the User(s) involved and worse of all if your backup plan is not there or Incomplete then you will experience first-hand all the areas of your body where sweat flows from.
Couple of times in my over 20 years I.T experience I have had rough patches with near-unrecoverable situations mostly with Databases but relying on experience and synergy with old pals we have managed to survive but when you have issues with an otherwise healthy drive suddenly gone “kaput” you need a “third eye” input and there I have the luck of having met a certain Mr. Idowu Alamu of IAEA LTD about 7 to 8 years ago.
Incidentally our early acquaintance was for a different reason but along the line I discovered other services offered within the confines of the same establishment. A service which I did not have need to ask for until this year and twice now we have already scampered to Ibadan – all the way from Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
On the first occasion we had sought “local” assistance / input which has made us to stray to no-go areas so when eventually a pronouncement of ‘no solution’ was made we accepted it in good faith. However a couple of weeks ago we had another incident and we set off for IAEA LTD, Ibadan again (on the double).
On completion of the job we were able to retrieve every single bit of information we had thought lost on the disk and even a lot more we weren’t looking for initially were all there.
Several users across the country had never thought it possible for data to be recovered from a damaged media worse of all even several I.T. personnel are also not aware of this unique part of the profession.
I have known of its existence for quite some time and have had the opportunity to ascertain its efficacy delivering me from a potentially very embarrassing situation.”
Bamidele Adedeji
Plot 186/187 Trans Amad Industrial
Layout,Port Harcourt,
River State, Nigeria

“I was lost but now I am found’ – this was the first song that came out of my mouth February, 2011 when I visited Mr. Idowu of IAEA LTD for data recovery. Like a miracle, I was able to recover information that I never thought could be recovered. It saved my time and added value to my career.
You need to see and experience this articled way of recovering data. It’s simply amazing!”
Nwaobilo Francis


To say this is wonderful is just short of words to express how happy I am
with the recovery of files and information in my hard disk.

We live in society where ICT is just starting and most of time we think we
are uptodate on the latest computer accessory. I bought the external hard
disk in US (to avoid fake product) but alas, despite the origin of
purchase, it is still subject to the storm of virus and heat.

Unfortunately I just change my laptops and have not move my files
completely from the external hard drive to the new laptop before it
crashed. I took it to several places, tried every method but no result.
Until a fried introduced me to IAEA in Ibadan. I thought can something
good come out of IB in terms of data recovery (judging by friends'
experiences? Not only did they recover my files and information, I got it
on time.

I strongly recommend IAEA for data recovery.

Olufunke Fayehun Ph.D
Department of Sociology
University of Ibadan, Nigeria
+234 802 578 2907