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Digital Photo & Video Recovery

Digital Photo Data Recovery I.A.E.A Data Recovery comapany can recover photo from any storage device,we have been known all over Africa to bring lasting solution to your lost photos on any storage device like Hard Drives,Flash drives,SD Cards,Compact Flash,Digital Cameras....we have tools and specialist/experts who & which can handle any data loss to recover your photos.

Digital Video Data Recovery : In the past years of experience we have observed that Data loss of Videos is most rapant which I.A.E.A Data Recovery company has proven to be the best Data Recovery company,we have tools to handle any type of Data Loss related to Digital video data loss.

Few causes of Digital photo or Video data loss

  • System Crashes
  • Viruses
  • Power Surges
  • Physical Impact
  • Deletion of Files
  • Corruption
  • Reformatted Memory Card
  • Hardware Failure

I.A.E.A is the Best and First Certified Data Recovery Company in West Africa with Experience since (1995) in Field.


Quick steps to send us a Drive.


Download the pdf File Below this Article

  • Fill the Physical Request form Appropriately
  • Sign as Required (Read the Terms and Conditions)
  • Include it with Storage device you are sending to us
  • The last page you printed contains the Name & shipping info of the person that will be in care the storage device you sent .