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 Frequently Asked Questions

what will i do if my Data got Lost ??

Data Recovery : Data Recovery is the Accidental Erase or deletion of a Victims Data either the Storage device has crashed,formatted or Damaged.

Data loss can Happen at any point in Time but the joy of it his that you can get it Recovered even if it is Crashed , the most important thing is if you take it to the right place to get it Recovered.  Read more 


 Can you recover my lost data?

The chances of success is 99%. Assuming the media storage has not been opened and there has been non unprofessional attempts to recover data,  recoveries from mechanical or electronic failure are often successful. RAID controller failures, partial overwrites and formats, firmware failure and simple deletions are normally recoverable.

Contact I.A.E.A Data Recovery Company, the first Professional Certified Data Recovery Company in Nigeria and West Africa .


My hard disk is no longer spinning

If you are experiencing spindle seizure, it is critical that you follow the advice below:

Do not attempt to power up the drive or shake the hard disk because it can lead to extensive damage to the data held on the Hard disk.

Note: mishandling by non experts may lead to permanent data loss
Use our contact form or call for expert advise on (+234)0803 7189 815 your account will certainly be recovered.

IAEA Data Recovery are experts in the recovery of lost data from failed storage media including seized motor data recovery. we are also the only Certified DATA RECOVERY company in West Africa our proof can be found on our About us page. Don't take risks with your failed hard drive, call IAEA DATA RECOVERY COMPANY NOW.