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Tape Data Recovery                         

Tapes drives is one of the older type of storage media, which use reels of tape to store data, are another type of storage device and are typically used for backing up data. I.A.E.A Data Recovery Company can recover data from Tape drive and which we are specialist in this field, If you lost your data from a tape drive due to software problems or backup failures, overwritten tape media, tape drive failure, or physical tape damage you can Contact us click here our Specialist will diagnose & Recover for you.

we can provide Data Recovery from any tape Drive

 Tape Maker

  • Tape Data Recovery       
  • AIT Tape Recovery
  • DLT Tape Recovery
  • LTO Tape Recovery
  • DDS Tape Recovery

Tape Models: QIC/ 1/4",DEC TK 8mm4mm DAT DDS, DDS2, DDS3, DDS4, DAT72
  Mini-QIC/Travan 3480/3490/3490E ,Iomega/Ditto, SuperDLT, Exabyte 8mm 8200/8500/8700
  Mammoth and M2 Tape Series, StorageTek 9840, 9940 Series ADR, LTO, VXA
   LTO Formats (LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4) ,Super DLT, DLT8000, DLT7000,DLT II, DLT III, DLT IV, TK50/TK70, Sony AIT, AIT2 and AIT3,Travan Data Cartridge,1/2" Open Reel and Cartridges
 DC2000 Mini Data Cartridge.


Causes of Tape Failure

Common causes of tape failures are:

Water, Fire, Sunlight and Smoke

  •     Impact Damage/Broken Cartridge
  •     Overwriting
  •     Extreme Temperatures or Humidity
  •     Damage from the Tape Drive
  •   Damage as a Result of Aging
  •     Internal Cartridge Mechanism Failing
  •     Permanent Errors Residing Mid File
  •     Degraded Media


I.A.E.A is the Best and First Certified Data Recovery Company in West Africa with 20 years Experience (1995) in Field.


Quick steps to send us a Drive.


Download the pdf File Below this Article

  • Fill the Physical Request form Appropriately
  • Sign as Required (Read the Terms and Conditions)
  • Include it with Storage device you are sending to us
  • The last page you printed contains the Name & shipping info of the person that will be in care the storage device you sent .