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 Don't play with your Hard drive & other storage device.

 According to our lab reports we have seen series of cases of drives been brought to us and have been damaged more perhaps due to the following :


  • Lack of clean room facility
  •  Low technical know how
  • non professional Tools


I.A.E.A Data recovery has Clean rooms(lab),high technical knowhow since we have proved to be the best professional data recovery company in Africa with experts in data Recovery field and Professional Advance Tools to Recover Data From any storage device. We recommend you to bring your drive direct to our office for Data Recovery to avoid complete loss/damage of your data or slight chances to  get your data recovered which will automatically cost you more.  


I.A.E.A Data recovery company do recovery for the following : Broken RAIDS Recovery, Hard Drive Recovery, CCTV Recovery,HD24 RecoverySSD Recovery, Mobile & memory card Data RecoveryFlash drive RecoveryDesktop & Laptop RecoveryDigital photo & video RecoveryTape Data RecoverySAS/SCSI Data Recovery.


We can solve Advanced problems such as Disc scratch,Bad Head....All Data Recovery is Possible  in I.A.E.A Data Recovery Lab.

 Contact us our consultation is free