Raid Sever Recovery Services

RAID Data recovery is the process of data recovery from a RAID array which failed for whatever reason, may it be a controller problem, member hard drive failure, or something else.
Data recovery from crashed, broken, noisy, clicking, corrupt, formatted, deleted, re-loaded, virus damaged RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 5e, RAID 10, SAN, NAS volumes, drives and devices – Striped, spanned, striped and JBOD volumes – As the Case may Be or potential data loss situation.

I.A.E.A Data Recovery Company has Professional Tools & Experts to Recover your Dead/crashed Raid drives and also a mix up in your raid drives which may result in inaccessibility of Such pc.

To eliminate further damages to your Raid Drive we Recommend the Following Procedures :

1. Power down your system completely.

2. Carefully note the disk bay number of each drive in the array (you can label them appropriately e.g Disk 0, 1, 2, 4). Incase you forgot them we also have solution to such cases

3. Then Contact us for more info

We are the First Certified Raid Data Recovery company in west Africa. We offer maximum privacy to your Data & Drive. with complete solution to all Raid drive problems.You can read why you should not take your data loss to non professionals

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