Raid Server Data Recovery

Raid Drive Data Recovery    

Despite the error protection & Data Protection scheme, Raid drives still have Data Loss problems take a Look at the causes below :

  • Correlated failures of Raid Drives: The Statistics in I.A.E.A Data Recovery Lab shows that Raid Drive  Failure has increased drastically which results in Data Loss. I.A.E.A data Recovery experts have emerged on series of Raid Drive solutions to couple any Loss of data from Raid drives perhaps due to Correlated failures of such drive. I.A.E.A data recovery has the right Professional Tools to save or Recover data on your Raid drives perhaps due to Correlation Failures of the raid drive.You can contact us
  • Unrecoverable read errors during rebuild: RAID 5 has a wide spread of this issue, if one drive in the array fails completely, then during the rebuild, there may be a data loss if one of the remaining drives encounters an unrecoverable read error (URE). I.A.E.A Data Recovery company has experts & Professional tools to Recover  Data on your Raid Drive perhaps due to Unrecoverable read errors during a rebuild(URE).
  • Increasing rebuild time and failure probability
  • Atomicity: including parity inconsistency due to system crashes

All the above can result in Death of the Raid Drive, crash Raid Drive

I.A.E.A Data Recovery Company has Professional Tools & Experts to Recover your Dead/crashed Raid drives and also a mix up in your drives which may result in inaccessibility of Such pc.

To eliminate further damages to your Raid Drive we Recommend the Following Procedures :

1.   Power down your system completely.

2. Carefully note the disk bay number of each drive in the array (you can label them appropriately e.g Disk 0, 1, 2, 4). In case you forgot them we also have solution to such cases

3. Then Contact us for more info

We are the First Certified Raid Data Recovery company in West Africa. We offer maximum privacy to your Data & Drive.

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