Server Data Recovery

In today’s digital life, missing any data is a huge hindrance to the normal work life. The servers play a crucial role in piling up the data. To maintain the productivity in your business, continuous access to the digital media storage is a must. May it be an email server, any web server, a database server or any virtual server, if your server fails without any backup there is an unknown downtime and you face a high productivity loss.

We at IAEA – the best Server Data Recovery Center in Nigeria and West Africa, understand the urgency to recover your data and get you back up and running.
The team of engineers and specialists at IAEA emphasizes on the cases that other recovery companies label as unrecoverable. IAEA professionals have dedicatedly and successfully created customized solutions that have experienced logical and mechanical damage, and even cases from natural disasters including fire and water.
The potential and general causes of a server failure include:
1. Accidental File Deletion or Overwrite
2. Disk Failure
3. Failed RAID Rebuild
4. Filesystem Corruption or file overwrite
5. Errors During Data Transfer Between Drives
6. Volume Reformat
7. Virus or Malware
8. Physical damage like fire, water, etc.

No matter whether you or your company has a pre-recovery plan, the experts at IAEA can repair the drives and restore your data. They have hands-on experience in recovering data from failed:
Enterprises Level Raid ARRAY
* QNAP Data Recovery
* Drobo Data Recovery
* NetApp Data Recovery
* Novell RAID Data Recovery
* Equallogic Data Recovery
* JBOD Data Recovery
* SNAP Server Data Recovery
* Citrix Data Recovery
* Sun Data Recovery
* MS Hyper-V Data Recovery

There can be multiple scenarios of data failure, however, its completely risk free at IAEA. We invest hugely in the high-end technologies for the urgent recovery rates for our clients. Our team has recorded a high success NAS Data recovery on:
Buffalo LinkStation and TeraStation
Seagate BlackArmor
Iomega Storcenter
Western Digital
btrfs-based NAS servers …and etc.


We are not done only with your first consultation. Our support team understands time is too critical when there’s an unplanned data loss. We handle each customer’s needs differently and try to prioritize each of them individually.
We also understand that privacy matters for every business and individuals.
We keep between You and Us – Your Data is Confidential & Secured
No Data – No Charge
24X7 Emergency Service
Free phone consultation in emergency
Secure – SAS 70 Type II Facility
When data security and back up is all you want – you can trust IAEA – The certified Server Data Recovery in Nigeria.
So, planning for a secure back up of your data.

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